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You have selected a premium app theme. After building your app in the following steps, you can proceed to purchase the developer code to build and submit it yourself for $149.95 or have us optimize, build and submit your app to the App Store for $649.95.

Read Me First:

Don't upload sound effects you don't own or have the rights to use or include. Apps featuring sound effects you don't have the rights to use will be rejected.

Name Your iPhone App:

Choose a name for your app. Here's a tip: Search the app store to make sure the app name isn't already in use otherwise your app will be provided with an alternate name. Also, make sure to respect the copyright of existing app names or services.

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Is My Name Taken?

When in doubt, search! Tip: Try this link for searching

Add a Short Description:

Add a description for the app store screen and inside your app's about screen. Describe a bit about your app, what it contains or what it does. This will be shown on the App Store and the about screen inside the app and helps users know a little more about what this app is about.

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Choose a Display Style:

iPhone apps can either be horizontal or vertical. Most apps are vertical, but horizontal apps are also nice because they offer a widescreen user experience different from the norm.